There are really only a few ways to save on your lubricant cost. 

Basically, by sourcing your oils from a company that only sells to your trade, you will find yourself transacting with a party that is friendlier to negotiations and has a better understanding of your business needs. Obviously, when you are able to agree on a better deal on price, you are essentially spending less than you normally would on OEM-approved oils. This generally also means that you profit more. You can either offer more competitive rates, thus generating loyalty with you customers, or offer maintain you prices with bigger margins.

Another way is to reduce the number of oil lines you carry. These days, however, more and more oils are required for the various manufacturers, making this option harder to apply. To improve your operational costs, you can also choose to source your oils from a supplier that offers full synthetic “speciality” products in economy sizes, such as a 60-litre drum instead of the usual 20-litre and 5-litre packs.
Ultimately, reducing your operating costs, achieving significant financial savings, and improving your bottom line through your choice of OEM-approved oils is only possible with the right supplier.

For instance, if you can trust the quality of the oils that are distributed to you, you can expect your lubricants to be specially formulated to provide better stability and durability, effectively extending their life and helping your business lessen total lubricant consumption and costs.
The cost-efficiency snowballs to the other elements of operations as long-lasting oils also means improved equipment life. You want lubricants that are guaranteed to keep machinery running cleaner for much longer, thereby reducing overall maintenance costs and reinforcing the improvement of your bottom line.

The other great thing about dealing with a supplier that sells exclusively to businesses is that it serves its own interests in helping you achieve success and profits. This is evident in the dedicated customer support team that can advise you on how to optimise your lubricants in order to maximise cost savings, and are actually happy to help you save on operation costs.
Saving on lubricant costs in your operations is clearly more than just about lower prices and better deals. It’s also about getting excellent quality oils that will give you better value for your money as well as reflect better cost-effectiveness in the long run by allowing you to minimise meet the manufacturer oil service intervals, improve equipment life, etc.

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