Cost should not be the only determining factor when choosing a lubricant partner for your business. While being budget-conscious is important for managing cash flow in a dynamic economy, zooming in on the price of the oil alone can be dangerous – for the reputation of your business and the welfare of your customers.

When you go for the cheapest oil in the market, it often means your only option would be to settle for low-quality products. Low-quality oil can cause equipment damage and negatively impact operational efficiency. Meanwhile, simply sticking to big-name brands doesn’t always ensure the best results, either. In the long run, opting for expensive lubricants may lead to loss of profit for you (and more revenue for the big oil companies you buy from).

In this scenario, working with a lubricant supplier specialising in European made quality lubricants can turn out to be the most practical solution. Using full synthetic speciality oil products from a reputable supplier offers you the best of both worlds: access to high-quality lubricants that meet world-class standards, and the opportunity to manage your business costs better, since these oils are priced within a reasonable range.

When going for this option, it pays to remember that your choice of supplier will have a huge impact on how you can maximise the benefits of European-made lubricants. Choose a company that upholds high standards for the products they offer and competitive pricing, and has a well-established customer care culture to ensure that you’ll get the service you’ll need. When you work with a team that consistently delivers on time and will go the extra mile to provide technical support when you need it, it will translate to significant cost reduction, added productivity and improved business operations for you.

As a business or service provider, it is also important to educate your customers on how to choose their lubricants wisely. Many customers today have been brainwashed by big-name brands (who have money for marketing) that only branded oils are the best. It is thus your responsibility to let your customers know that the quality, performance, cleanliness, and other characteristics of the oil matter so much more than the name of its brand. Making use of good-quality, clean lubricants can lengthen the lifespan of vehicles, machinery and equipment. It can prevent premature wear and tear, corrosion, sludge build-up and other problems associated with poorly sourced lubricants. Quality Euro lubricants may not be the cheapest, but they deliver significant benefits to the bottom line by lowering energy consumption and reducing the need to spend for avoidable repairs, replacement and other maintenance costs.

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