Cost Benefits of Using European-Made Quality Lubricants

In attempting to save money, you could actually end up paying more with all the problems you might encounter by choosing to use cheap lubricants. If you want something that is truly cost-effective, be willing to invest in European-made quality lubricants.

How does a more expensive but higher quality product help you save money? You can realise significant savings when using OEM-approved, European-made quality lubricants. They are capable of reducing energy consumption, MRO (maintenance/repair/operations) costs including labour and component replacement, waste disposal cost, equipment downtime, and, consequently, also lost productivity brought about by this.

Energy is the largest expense when the use of machinery is involved. Since energy costs are expected to only rise, the best that you can do is use energy efficient machines and other items that will help them optimise this quality, such as their lubricant.
Studies made on air compressors in a farm situation have shown that just changing to a better lubricant resulted in up to 15 percent reduction in energy, nine percent reduction in operating temperature, and up to 25 percent reduction in oil consumption. All these reductions translate to actual savings in dollars.

High quality oils are also cleaner and are better able to maintain that level of cleanliness. How do these qualities offer cost benefits? The life of the lubricant and that of the components it lubricates are directly proportional to them. The lubricant’s film strength certainly counts in this regard. A strong lubricant film will prohibit the smallest particles from penetrating it. In effect, the cleaner the oil is initially, and the better it is at staying clean, the longer the equipment will last. The cleanliness of the oil effectively increases equipment life.
Besides these, more savings can be realised in waste disposal costs as well as in how well the lubricant can tolerate water contamination. When oil is contaminated with water, it usually spells serious trouble for machinery components. Unfortunately, water contamination frequently happens as a natural result of the operating environment. Good quality lubricants should be able to tolerate some water or separate from it until proper action is taken.

Obviously, the price of acquisition is truly just a small portion of the true cost of a lubricant. The length of time you can use it is but one factor contributing to its practicality. In the long run, good quality products will save you money while cheaper ones will end up costing you more.

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