How is it that your choice of oil or lubricant supplier has a direct impact on your business profits? Why is ROI faster when using high quality lubricants? Australia is home to many car enthusiasts, hence the abundance of businesses that cater to them. If you own a business that operates a mechanical workshop or uses a lot of mechanical equipment, you’ll soon realise that you can make higher profits from your oils. For this reason, choosing the right oil and the right lubricant supplier matters a lot.

In a mechanical workshop, for instance, it’s as easy as asking your customers if they want the standard oil or the premium “full synthetic” oil. The premium option, of course, has the added advantage of better wear protection, fuel economy improvements, and longer lasting additives. If you’re buying a standard 10W30 from your current supplier and a Semi Synthetic 10W30 from North Sea lubricants, the price difference can be around around $0.20 per litre; however, you can around $1.00 per litre or even $2.00 per litre more, which significantly improves the overall profitability of the workshop. Convince the customer to switch to a full synthetic oil and your profits will improve even more. It all comes back to what you pay for your oils.

Choice of lubricant is certainly crucial for businesses that mainly depend on mechanical equipment. Unfortunately, there are businesses that have yet to learn to choose high quality lubricants. Australia has many business owners who still base their choice on the initial cost even if the wider costs of using an inferior product is a foregone conclusion. They choose the cheaper product even if it’s actually not the cost-effective option. In reality, it’s a sure way to fall into the trap of false economy.

When you use a low quality lubricant, it’s inevitable that the lubricant simply won’t last as long, so you will ultimately need to service your won equipment a second time, or deal with a customer returning their vehicle with a low engine oil issue. Cheap lubricants are cheaper for a reason.
Use of high quality lubricants provide you peace of mind that failure due to the oil is virtually non-existent, that customers will benefit from the superior protection they provide and that your business will see higher profits from a simple “up-sell” to a premium full synthetic lubricant.

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